GISE-GEARing against Child Marriage and Teenage Pregnancy Campaign

Ensuring that girls have equal access to, enrolment in, retention in, and advancement in school is essential in a world where equal opportunities are the cornerstone of progress. Every girl should have the opportunity to reach her full potential, make a positive contribution to society, and determine her own future.

Join us in our effort to unleash the potential of girls and build a world where men and women have equal rights. Together, we can:

  • Remove obstacles: It is time to remove obstacles that keep ladies from obtaining an education. We will fight for laws that guarantee equal enrolment opportunities, eradicate gender-based discrimination, and give struggling families financial assistance.

Contest societal norms:

Let us contest engrained societal standards that support gender inequity in the classroom. We can dispel myths and establish an inclusive learning environment where girls thrive by fostering a culture that values and promotes girls’ education.

Support and mentoring are provided.

Through mentorship programs and support networks, we will provide girls with the tools they need to overcome challenges and remain interested in their studies. By providing direction, support, and mentorship to females, we can encourage them to pursue their goals with confidence.

Promote inclusive and secure schools:

We will fight for institutions that prioritise the safety and security of females. This entails tackling problems like gender-based violence, giving people access to latrines, and advocating for inclusive curriculum that dispel gender stereotypes.

  • Honour accomplishments:
    Let us honour the successes and accomplishments of girls who flourish in their academic careers. We encourage other girls to strive for excellence and show that gender is not a barrier to success by sharing their accomplishments.

Engage communities: To spread knowledge about the value of gender equality in education, we will engage communities in open discussions. We can create a strong support system that promotes girls’ education by incorporating parents, community leaders, and stakeholders.

Encourage collaboration: Achieving gender equality in education requires partnerships. To combine our resources, knowledge, and efforts in the direction of a common objective, we will collaborate with religious and traditional authorities, NGOs, educational institutions, governmental bodies, and civil society organisations.

Together, we can build a society in which girls have equal access to, participation in, retention in, and advancement in school. By maximising individual potential, we maximise that of entire societies and communities. Let us throw off the constraints of gender inequity and create a future in which every girl can excel, make a difference, and help create a better world for everyone.

We entreat you to support our campaign for the enrolment, retention, and transition of girls on the principle of gender equity and neutrality. Together, we can transform education into a potent force for progress and open the door to a future that is more inclusive, just, and prosperous.